Organising, Labelling and Finally Finishing.

Life just gets busier and busier. Somewhere along the line of my “Year Off” from work, I took on a new job! It was an opportunity that I could not pass up and I am starting to get into the swing of the new work from home routine. Best of all this job offers me a chance to be creative, inspire teachers and provide resources that enrich childrens learning environments. However my own work environment is anything but inspiring at the moment!

I have begun to feel overwhelmed by the number of unfinished “projects” around the house! I have a habit of starting 5 million projects a week and finishing very few of them in a year! I have been following my good bloggy friend “Cassadiva’s” “Finishing up Friday” series. I need to take a leaf out of her book so this week I am not starting ANY NEW PROJECTS! I have to finish some others first!

So on the list……

1. Finish all assembly of items for our “Command Centre” Area. This includes;

Hanging the IKEA FINTORP Rail system and organising the contents of it.

Putting up the Filing system for all of the homework resources.

Filling the Expedit shelves with new storage buckets

Ordering labels for the buckets

Assembling the music stand

Creating an Emergency container

2. Label the laundry organising containers.
In fact every room in this house requires some label love but I am taking it week by week and this week it is the laundry! Remember last year I organised the laundryusing these baskets? Well I never got around to labelling the baskets or containers in the laundry cupboard.  This week I couldn’t find the cats collar and realised the contents of the baskets were so disorganised!
3. Finish Blogging about Master O’s Birthday Party
4. Finish off the Easter Decorating!
I think that is enough for one week!
We have two big organising projects on the horizon that I am itching to get into, but I have other things that need finishing first
THE MASSIVE PROJECT, that is becoming increasingly frustrating is the Home Office.

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest

Take note, my office looks nothing like this and it never will, but a girl can dream!
I now spend a lot of time in our office space and it is driving me crazy.  It is primarily the “little” things that are taking over the space.  We seem to have cords, folders, pens, papers, staplers and envelopes EVERYWHERE.  In fact at last count I had 3 sets of little shelves, a filing cabinet, a small table, a huge desk  and four chairs in there!!!!!  
It is a difficult space to work with (it is a strange shape with lots of windows), money is tight, there is so much to do, the excuses are endless.  But I at least need to make a start…..soon…next month or even just this year sometime!
Are you an “unfinisher” a constant “on the goer” that fails to finish the task?
Help me out here!  Tell me I am not alone!