Easter Biscuits

A quick, easy, cheap and delicious Easter or Party activity for kids!

With Little Miss A’s 9th Birthday Party being during the Easter Holidays it was an easy decision to make it Easter themed!  To keep them entertained we decorated Easter Biscuits.


Arrowroot Biscuits – One pack was more than enough for 5 children to make 3 biscuits each.

Icing Sugar

Food Colouring

Decorations – Sprinkles, hundreds and thousands, mini smarties.

We simply mixed sifted icing sugar with water in plastic bowls (easy clean up)  Add food colouring to create your desired colours.  We chose Pink, Blue and Purple. 

Decorate!  We found plastic spoons were the best for spreading icing and sprinkling decorations on

Even Mr 5 loved decorating them.  Fine Motor Skills in action!

Such an easy crowd pleaser as a school holiday activity, plus it doubled as a sweet afternoon tea snack!  I am most definitely making the most of these Easter acitivties as I know our days of kids wanting to craft and decorate are numbered 🙁 Notice which child is missing?