Working 9-5

The time has come.  In 2016, after 3 years of leave from my permanent teaching position, I will be back in the classroom.  The enthusiasm and excitement can only be compared to what I felt when I took on that very first teaching position many moons ago, fresh out of uni.  I have found the most perfect job share partner, with the only catch being she is on leave until Term 2!  So I will be working Full Time for Term 1 and then 3 days a week for the rest of the year.

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So many changes in stall, as this also means our Baby Hurricane will also be off to Day Care for the first time.  Our last experience with Day care was Master O going for 1 day a week just before he started Kindy so this will be a whole new experience for everyone.

We are going to have to be more organised then ever before, with now 4 different sets of school dates and events plays the one million activities these kids seem to have already signed up for in 2016.

Over the next few months I will be sure to share;

  • How we get organised (and stay that way)
  • Keep up to date with different schedules and dates
  • Prepare for Day Care
  • Set up Our Classroom
  • Organise a Teachers Desk
  • My Teacher Planner
  • Tips and Tricks for the First Day of School (For kids, parents and teachers!)

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but first we have the 2-3 busiest weeks of the year including the fact that I am going to be working!

  • 2 x Dance Concerts
  • 3 x Dress Rehearsals
  • 2 x Photo Days (with multiple costume changes!)
  • 2 x School Speech Nights
  • 2 x Dance Break ups
  • 2 x Dance Awards Nights
  • A swimming Carnival
  • Christmas break up parties
  • a cute angel in the nativity play to watch

and thats just the kids activities!  Through in work and christmas parties and end of year drinks and it will be fun, fun, fun!

Oh and visitors who are arriving to watch it all! Sleep who needs, sleep!

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I wouldn’t have it any other way and know that it is only going to get crazier when we have 3 kids at school and activities.

Now to get that calendar out and get organised!