Elf Letter Of Introduction

The Elf is nearly here!  Our Elves (we have a girl and a boy) are preparing for their arrival on MONDAY!!!!

I have written before about some different ways to Welcome Your Elf.  

However they arrive, they will need a way of introducing themselves and the concept!


Using the Elf and Book set:

  1. I suggest reading the book to the children the night before the Elf arrives at your house! This will help introduce the character, story and concept.  By giving your children a “heads up” not only will they understand who the elf is and why they are in your house but it also builds excitement and dispells fear! 
  2. Print the letter and have it ready to arrive with your elf.  By reading the letter the concept is reinforced and the child begins to make a connection between Santa and his special helper, your Elf!


If you have had a visiting Elf before (like us!) go straight to step 2! This will give them a reminder about the Elf and you can then enjoy the story at a later time! 

We have two versions of the ELF INTRODUCTION LETTER for you! 

The first is for A CHILD (just one child participating)

2013 Elf Intoduction Letter – Child

 The second is for CHILDREN (this is suitable for families or a class)

2013 Elf Introduction Letter – Children

Print, Share and ENJOY!