Swimming the Line…..


Lately I have been dreaming about swimming.  I dive into the pool and naturally I am an amazing swimmer, gliding through the water with strength and ease (This would never happen in real life!).  My arms pull the water and although I make ground quickly my breathing is heavy.  I get to the end and I feel accomplished and relieved.  

I always feel like dreams are signs.  A way of helping us through life.  This dream is no exception.  We are making progress, moving forward, with strength and ease towards a finish line.  The effort will be worth it.

Sometimes you just have to take a chance.  Maybe a small brave first step or a giant leap of faith.  Sometimes you just have to trust your heart and your gut and jump in.  For us it means sometimes diverging off the black line and finding a new direction.

And when that is all said and done comes the paperwork.  Signing on the dotted line. Today we did just that.

Next term Master O will be starting at a new school.  It’s a decision we have not taken lightly.  A decision which pains me to even write as I know it will not be taken well by some.  We have all truly made the most wonderful friends at his current school. But we have lost hours of sleep, asked a million questions and made countless lists of pros and cons.  We will be leaving behind the security of all that is “known”.  Discarding the ease of familiar environments and people.  and that my friends is scary.  For this change to work we will have to learn to whole heartedly embrace the new.  New teachers, friends, families, routines, expectations and uniforms.  But most of all new opportunities.  

This change also comes with a new way of life for our family.  A new LONG drive to school.  Changes in enrolment for Little Miss A.  But most importantly a life where the decision is made. No longer will it weigh in our minds and makes our hearts heavy.  It was an opportunity we always planned on and  dreamt about, but one we thought would take years for us to financially achieve. But things they are a changing and it starts right here with this dotted line.

Suddenly we feel lighter.  I sleep like I haven’t slept all year. My mind is slowly recovering from the conversations that have been burdened with the what if’s and could have beens. We will no longer let comparison steal our joy.  

Master O takes it all in his stride.  Speaking only of lego tables and swimming pools.  Changing teachers and schools and friends is all made irrelevant at the sight of a swimming pool at the new school.  It is the same pool I sat by as a baby watching my father play Water Polo.  A memory I don’t recall but my father fondly does.  I can’t help but wonder if that water is calling us back.

So now we will all jump in to this new adventure together hoping to surface quickly, to glide through the water with ease and strength to swim towards that finish line where we can look back on the journey with a sense of relief and accomplishment. 

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