A Bunny Birthday Party

It appears blogging about Birthday parties is a lot harder than I imagined. You see the post party planning exhaustion has set in and suddenly, life is no longer filled with pink milk and minature roses but spilt milk and dirt.

So without further adieu I present Little Miss A’s 3rd Birthday Party.


A very quirky unique little girl, over the last 12 months the party theme has varied from a “Baby Princess Cat Party” to “A 5 Little Ducks that Twinkle in the sky party”

Thank goodness during a random trip to Woolworths she fell in love with some “Bunny” goods and so a “Bunny Party” was agreed upon and she was made to sign an agreement that the theme would not waiver for the next month!  

Little Miss A Modelling the latest in Bunny fashion

Yes she is wearing a strange but cute Bunny Costume…….with pink glitter gumboots….in the meat department of Woolies.   Just another day for Little Miss A.

Party Favour Bags – Aldi – 99c


Party Favours – Paint A Rabbit Sets – Aldi

As the majority of children attending the party were the younger siblings of Master O’s friends I decided on a “Family Party Favour” this was an activity that the family could do together.  I found these cute “Paint A Rabbit” sets at Aldi.  There are two Rabbits and two paint brushes with paints to share.  A great way for our party guests to pass the time these school holidays.

Bunny Cupcakes – Woolworths and Aldi

This was seriously the easiest party I have ever planned.  If there was a quick way of doing something I did it!  Including these pre made and decorated cupcakes from Woolworths.  With pink and blue flowers on top they matched our colour palette perfectly and the cute Bunny picks helped dress them up a little!  The picks were in a cupcake set from Aldi.

Bunny Bread

What’s a party without Fairy bread?  Or in our case Bunny Bread!  I found this cute bunny cookie cutter at Robins Kitchen, reduced to $1.50!  

Bunny Tails!

I know many readers scored these jars from Woolworths!  I knew I had to have one but I had no idea what I would use it for.  It became the “Bunny Tail Jar.”  Use a bunny pick to select your own bunny tail from the jar.  Want more than one?  Use your pick to fill a cupcake case.

Bunny Milk Jars – Bon Bon Boutique

These were most definitely the find of the party.  I have always loved the look of the vintage glass milk bottles but worried about little fingers breaking them.  These bottles are made of plastic, reusable and the lids are perfect for little children. 

I popped in a pink bunny straw from Woolworths and pink milk. They were a hit! 

The Party Table was dressed using a vintage white love heart table cloth I had from my grandmother.  

That oh so gorgeous porcelain bunny with basket is from Bed Bath and Table and now resides in Little Miss A’s Bedroom.  The dusty pink gift box, added height to the table and can now be used to store all of her new birthday cards.  The vase and jug were from our living room! Little Miss A loves balloons and a friend recommended getting some from Spotlight.  They were so cheap!  I was shocked!  The big Bunny one was actually on display at the front counter and the last one left!   The party food was completed with the traditional cheerios, sausage rolls, popcorn and jelly cups.  The jelly cups were actually a party fail!  I attempted to make bunny tails using fairy floss and put them on top of the jelly.  Problem is the jelly melted the fairy floss.  One by one we watched as they disappeared into the jelly! Seemed like a great idea at the time, maybe not so much. 

Little Miss A opening her presents!

I made her a very simple Pink Peter Rabbit Pillow Case style dress.  This dress looked oh so cute and was oh so easy to make!  I highly recommend giving this style a try!

Little Miss A is extremely shy so I knew that many party games would be overwhelming for her.  We did play Pass The Parcel and I split the children into two groups, boys in one  and girls in the other and low and behold, SHE JOINED IN! 

The second game was a Bouncing Baby Bunny Basket Relay.  Children had to hop to the other side, with bunny ears on and holding their baby bunny in the basket.  If the bunny fell out they had to go back to the beginning.  Once they got to the other side they had to pass their ears and basket to the next player. Not sure the kids really got the idea of the relay and I think this game was way more fun for the parents watching!  There were some very interesting “hopping”styles! 

To finish off we cut the “no mixing, no baking” Bunny Cake.  Little Miss A loved her cake.  It may have not been picture perfect or wrapped in rolled fondant but it was exaclty what she wanted and yummy too! 

Thank goodness we now have a whole year without Birthday Party preparations.  Every year I say I am not going to do it all again. But as the year goes by I find myself pinning images of children’s parties and by Christmas I am collecting cupcake wrappers and milk bottles! I do love the planning, the anticipation and can only hope that one day My Pigeon Pair will look back on their parties with fond memories of friends, laughter and bunny’s bouncing out of baskets.