Easter Activity – Lacing/Threading

Ok Tot School peeps, here it is an “Eater – Bunny Lacing” card.  

Lacing (or threading) encourages pincer grip, finger control and hand eye coordination, all of which are essential pre-school and school skills.   There are many ways you can encourage these skills, at home, everyday.  Cutting, Pegging, Using Eating Utensils, Using tongs, chopsticks, Lacing, Threading bracelets or necklaces,Tracing, Colouring, PLaying with play dough the possibilities are endless…..

Or of course you could just…..

1. Download and Print using the link below

2. Laminate and Cut

3. Hole Punch the dots

4. Use a ribbon/shoelace/thread/elastic to weave in and out of the holes (lacing)

5.  We like to start and finish at the bottom giving this little bunny a cute bow tie! 

My Pigeon Pair – Easter – Bunny Lacing Card

 Enjoy learning together!