Easter Activities – Size Sequencing

The next activity in our Easter “Tot School” is sequencing according to size.  Although size is generally a maths concept, sequencing itself is a cross curricular skill required in Maths, English, Science and History.  When you are teaching this activity be sure to use and encourage vocabulary such as;

  • Ordinal Numbers – First, Second, Third
  • Positioning – Next to, In front of, behind
  • Size – Larger, Bigger, Smaller, Medium.
This activity is very simple!!!!
1. Download and Print
2. Cut and Paste or Cut and Laminate for longevity.
3. Ask your child to sequence the chicks from smallest to largest, or largest to smallest.
You could also;
  • Count the chicks
  • How many chicks would there be if you took one away, or two away?
  • Velcro the back of each chick card and use on a felt board to create a story or song 
  • Instead of singing 5 Little Ducks how about singing 5 Little Chicks went out one day, these song introduces great subtraction skills!
  • Use hands on materials to count with the chicks.  For example “Can you give each Chick one button/peg/counter?”
  • Can you find something the same size or colour for each chick?
Just another easy and cute way to reinforce some pre-school skills at home!