Easter Activities – Patterning

An often over looked, but perhaps one of the most important “educational” skills children acquire is patterning. Learning how to recognise, create and extend patterns is not only an integral maths skill but helps your child acquire language, process words and recognise text structure when reading.

There are many ways you can practise patterning with real life objects around your home.  This easter we are patterning with coloured plastic eggs, fluffy chicks and of course this worksheet I created.

My Pigeon Pair – Easter Patterning

You can use this sheet in many ways!

  1. Download, print, complete! Ask your child to read laud the pattern created by the pictures for example “Rabbit, Flower, Rabbit, Flower, Rabbit….” Ask them what would come next?  Cut out the picture of the item needed to complete the pattern and glue it on.
  2. Download, Print, Laminate, Velcro Complete!  I use this method most often as it means I can use the same sheet over and over again!  I simply print the sheet, cut up the answer pictures on the bottom and laminate them all.  I than attach a small velcro dot to the laminated sheet and onto the back of each “answer” picture.
You could also;
When you are finished, cut up the whole sheet and have your child create their own patterns! 
Line up some objects in a pattern and take a photo of them.  Print off the photo and ask your child to match the pattern!
Find some patterns in the environment; these could be the lines on a the pedestrian crossing, ribbons on a dress, tiles on the ground. 
Patterns are everywhere!