Easter Activities – Cute Chick Counting

Over the coming weeks our “Tot School” will have an Easter theme.  

The first activity I have created is a “Cute Chick Counting” 


My Pigeon Pair – Cute Chick Counting

  • Simply Download
  • Print
  • Cut each card
  • Laminate and cut again (for longevity)
  • Put in a “Busy Bag”
To teach: 
  • Lay all the number cards out in front of the child.
  • Say the numbers out loud together.
  • Now introduce one “Chick” card at a time.
  • “How many chicks are on the card? Use your finger to point to each chick and say the number out loud for me”
  • After the child has counted the chicks correctly ask them “Can you find a number card that matches?”
  • Pair the cards together as you go!

You could also;

  • Line the chicks up from the smallest to the largest number
  • Line the number cards up from the smallest to the largest number.
  • Ask your child to close their eyes and remove one card.  See if they can guess and then count to see which card is missing.
  • Write over the numbers with a white board marker
  • Get some of the fluffy little chicks available at Easter time and count them out placing one fluffy chick on one chick picture! 
  • Describe the easter eggs the chicks are in use colours and descriptions of lines or dots.
The possibilities are endless! Simply click on the link above and get counting!
Please feel free to share this activity,
just remember to tell you them where you found it!