Organising a Family Calendar

At the hub of our family’s Organisation Station is the FAMILY CALENDAR.


There she is…STEP 3 of the process.  If you look closely you will notice this photo was taken with the calendar showing September 2011 !!!  2013 will be our third year of using a family calendar from Stuck On You

“Spring Nest” Family Calendar from

 This year we I chose the “Spring Nest” design, you know how much I love those little birds!  I love that it is personalised, a great large size, with large “daily” boxes to fill in all our stuff and that there is a section for notes down the bottom.  Oh and of course I love that it is gorgeously designed and in colour!!!  After all I will be looking at this calendar every day.

Having the calendar is one thing, but you have to USE it EFFECTIVELY for it to help in your household organisation.  Here are my tips for keeping the calendar running smoothly.

 1. Colour Coordinate.  Ok so maybe I am a little OCD when it comes to colour coding but this is something that has always worked for me.  Each member of the family has their own colour. Any events or activities that are for the whole fmaily also have their own colour.  This allows me to see at a glance who has what happening each day.  I use these smae colours in my Diary aswell.

2. Location, Location, Location.  I keep our calendar at our Organisation Station.  It is near the phone, computer and where all of our bills and mails are kept.  This means as soon as any dates are confirmed they can be scheduled STRAIGHT onto the calendar.  If I dont do it straight awy or write it on a piece of paper for transferring later, it doesn’t happen!

3. One and Only.  We have only ONE CALENDAR in our whole house.  There is not one for him, one for me, one for school, JUST ONE FAMILY CALENDAR.  If anybody wants to know what is going on, they know where to look.  This means there is no double booking, or something being written in a work diary that no one knows about.  If it’s not on the Calendar than it’s not on. That brings us to the next point.

4. EVERYTHING GOES ON THE CALENDAR.  If it’s not on the Calendar its not on.  This means medical appointments, returning library books, party rsvp dates, school notes, EVERYTHING.  

5.  Take the time.  I take the time once a week to update my diary with what is on the calendar.  This gets everything clear in my head for the upcoming week.

That is it.  5 simple tips to keeping your life sorted.  Ok so maybe that is not your whole life sorted, but having a family calendar is certainly a great start to having an organised life! 

Want an extra special, organised start to 2013?


from “Stuck On You“!!!

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