and so the planning begins…..

I am a planner.  A procastinator, but a planner. I make lists upon lists.  I find it very hard to live in the now.  But I am starting to embrace it.  So now, even though you can feel Christmas in the air, I am starting the New Year organising.

On My List.

1. Sort out the school stuff. Otherwise known as ,  tackle the mountain of Master O’s school paraphenalia.  Sort, Throw, Store a years worth of school “stuff” efficiently.  Whatever system I choose, it is going to have to be compact and efficient.  We have two children, with 14 years of school each.  That is a lot of stuff!

2.  Collate the back to school lists.  The uniforms, stationary and text book requirements are here but I am yet to make my “table“.  This is playing on my mind as January is CRAZY for us with two trips away.


Stuck On You

3. Organise a 2013 Family Calendar.  I have done this!  It is here, it is beautiful and it is empty!  There is something so appealing about an unfilled calendar that I have been putting off writing in it!  We had an amazing system in 2012 using this stuck on you calendar and we want it continue.

4.Organise a 2013 Diary.  Once again I have done this!  I am trying a new system of keeping my schedule organised this year.  It does help that I dont have a work schedule to manage! I have enlisted the help of a “Persoanl Planner” and I can’t wait to share with you how I use it! Check out for more

5. Start a new cleaning schedule.  This is the up or maybe down side of now being a stay at home Mum.  The cleaning and organising of a rather large house is now my domain.  I need help people! I need a schedule or even just a list, I need to sort out a cleaning container?  

I could go on forever.  I have to say there is something exciting about fresh starts, new plans and endless lists!  

So where are you at? Any plans for the new year?