Let’s Get Organising ~ Organising Projects ~ July

What better way to make myself accountable, than to share my July Organising To Do List HERE!  This month I am hoping to tackle 5 Organising Projects.

1. The Fridge


Source: goodbyehousehellohome.com via Larissa on Pinterest

 I am realistic, my fridge will never look like this, but it could definitely take some tips from this beauty!  I will be using this pic as some “pinspiration” or maybe just wishful thinking! How amazing are all those baskets!

2.  Take Away Menus. 

Source: kikki-k.com via Larissa on Pinterest


This month I would love to make my own little version of a take away menu folder.  Our bottom kitchen drawer has a steadily increasing pile of menus and vouchers that really need some organising.

3. Bathroom Baskets 

Source: bhg.com via Larissa on Pinterest


Last year we undertook some major Bathroom Organising but I never got around to labelling all those baskets! I have some labels in mind, something similar to those above with some gorgeous ribbon and laminated card.

4. Kids Bathroom

Source: wp.me via Molly on Pinterest


This is another BIG job! The “My Pigeon Pair” bathroom needs organising AND decorating! I would love to try and make some gorgeous wall art to add some flair to their bathroom!

5. The Cords


I have seen this organising project done many different ways and have had this picture from IHeart Organizing pinned for ages!  I don’t think mine will be as pretty as this but I am sure it will be just as practical!

Now that it’s all on paper it seems like I have my work cut out for me!  Maybe I should have thought of all of these jobs whilst I was on school holidays!

Wish me luck!