Thoughtful Thursday ~ Laundry Lust


Each Thursday I will be sharing a new Thoughtful idea!  If it’s organised, beautiful, delicious or smart, I want to know about it and share it with you all!!!    I happened to come across a new blog this week, and boy did I find a treasure trove of wonderful ideas and spaces! So on this, the very first Thoughtful Thursday I am showcasing a space that is organised, beautiful AND smart!  All three in one space. Not only that but it is a laundry. One of my most hated spaces!

So sit down and prepare to drool over this lustworthy laundry!

Tell us about yourself….

Family is so very important to me – I am a doting wife, daughter, sister and aunty to my very special family.  My home is my special place, and I love cooking, cleaning, organising, sewing, scrapbooking, party planning, gift-making and more. My home is set on two acres, so I also enjoy getting outdoors and gardening.  

Tell us about your blog…

I started blogging last year, and I have been addicted ever since.  I guess over the years, I have enjoyed giving tips and ideas to friends and family on home organisation.  While I am certainly no expert in the field, I do love sharing the little things that I do which make my life simpler, just from having a system that works for me.  Cassadiva has been the platform for me to share lots of ideas for home organisation, crafting, parties, cooking and more!  

What makes your space organised, beautiful and smart? Because we certainly think it is!!

Our laundry renovation:
It was spring last year when we decided to renovate our laundry.  I am lucky to have quite a handy hubby and we have done some small make-overs in our house previously, but the majority of his big projects have been landscaping our beautiful two acres.  I don’t think he was quite ready for the challenge of a bathroom, so the laundry it was!  The laundry was one of the stand-out things about the house when we bought it 8 years ago, due to the sheer size of the room, and I just fell in love with the sewing bench.  I guess I had always wanted to make the most of such an amazing space in our home, because it just seemed like we weren’t using it to its full potential.

After we ripped out the old laundry and took our measurements, I hopped onto the Bunnings website and used their online planning tool to create my dream laundry.  It uses the measurements of the room to create a virutual room, and then you simply slot in the cupboards into the available space.  It was so easy to use and because I am such a visual person, it was great to be able to see it all transforming before my eyes!

We bought the cupboards from Bunnings, and I ordered custom made benches through Ikea, which didn’t even take two weeks to have made.  After many hours of hard work, our Laundry went from this

to this

I finally had this amazing space to call my own!  I now have 13 cupboards, 8 drawers and 2 shelves to play with!  I love that half of them are still empty too!

These 2 shelves  are designed to house two washing baskets -one for washing and one for ironing.  I have finally ended my epic search to find the ‘perfect’ baskets ie: baskets that fill all of the available space in these two cubby holes, as last week I finally struck gold when I found just what I had been looking for!  But I still need to spraypaint and fabric-line them, so I am using these old baskets until that project is done.
So what makes this space smart?

A pull-out clothes line for wet weather

A wall-mounted Robinhood ironing centre (which is fully wired with light, timer and power):

And a pull-out hose from the tap for thoroughly washing things down.

Although I haven’t finished the painting, decorating and organising in here, it is such a great room, and I am really happy with the end product!  I love that everything has a home, and that I have plenty of room to move around in here and do my jobs.  And the pink accents make it such a happy place for me to work, craft and play!


You can wipe away your drool now!  Yes I will be “pinning” these pictures to my “Laundry” board on Pinterest!  

Is it crazy to be dreaming about laundries? 

What would be in your dream laundry?

Check out Cassadivas BLOG and FACEBOOK page for more AMAZING ideas!  Tell her I said Hi!

Oh and did I mention she is a teacher too?  

What is it with organising teachers?