Organising ~ The Kitchen Utensil Drawer

Don’t for a minute think I am bored these school holidays.  The sudden influx of organising projects on this blog has not been spurred on by cabin fever but rather  a completely normal obsession with “The Amanda’s” watched on re run on foxtel and late night stalkings of Jen’s blog “iheart Organizing”.  With each episode of these immaculately dressed super OCD organisers transforming peoples homes and every divine decorating post of Jen’s, I find myself searching for the next great organising project in our home. And boy, in our house we are not short of an area or three that needs organising.  The big ones on the school holiday agenda are;

  • My Wardrobe.  DONE – Well nearly, a post about that big job is on it’s way!
  • The Playroom. ONGOING – This is going to involve lots of little projects but one big one has already been done!
  • Bills and Family Paperwork – ONGOING BUT we have a good system happening!
  • The Kitchen. Mainly the utensil drawer.  This was a little project between big projects!
Now it’s out there for you all to read I will have to do it!  Nothing like writing a blog post to stay accountable and motivated!  So in between the shopping for storage baskets and purging of clothes, I rearranged and reorganised our kitchen utensil drawer.  It was a dumping ground for every kitchen item that was not cutlery….
here it is in all its jumbled mess glory or as the Amandas would say a “hot mess”
1. Purge.  The first problem in this drawer is that it needed a good purge.  There were things in here that truly defy belief!  So it was all out on the kitchen bench and the ruthless culling began! If its broken or you can really remember the last time you used it…THROW IT OUT!
2. Sort.  Like items together.  Here I sorted by purpose.  Baking things together, serving things together, cookie cutters together etc.
3. Home.  All those beaters really don’t belong in this drawer.  The tongs were plentiful and could really be beter housed elsewhere. 
4. Storage!  It was time to “contian” all this stuff.  By insuring everything had a home I hope this draw will be easy to keep organised!!! This was one of the easiest storage solutions I have ever found!  First shop at KMART and there she was!  An adjustable, plastic, cutlery tray for $9!!  I could adjust it to fit my drawer almost perfectlly and it keeps items separated form each other.
Without further adieu, introducing the new and improved Kitchen Utensil Drawer.a

Oh how I love a good before and after!  Yes I am quite chuffed with myself that I stayed on task and actually completed a job off our to do list!  Our to do list?  Who am I kidding MY to do list!  So out of the drawer and back into the cupboard, my wardrobe is a HUGE job and yes this time you will not see before pictures because it is mortifying!

What is on your organising to do list?