The School Station

This year Master O started school.  With the anxiety and adventure came a whole lot of stuff!  School bags, musical instruments, homework folders, library bags,  and a whole trail of notes and artwork!  

I had predicted the trail of paper and before school started I created a “School File It Folder“. This folder is already brimming with newsletters, rosters, tuckshop menus and fee statements.

But that only took care of the paper, what about the rest of the stuff!  

I could have gone for a whole “Launch Pad” but I didnt have the budget and I really wanted this to be a specific space for school items.  

I needed one place;

  • A place to store the “File It Folder”
  • Storage for School Bag, Library Bag, Homework Bag, Violin
  • A place to store artwork
  • The place to be concealed to create a clutter free look
  • A place to store his VERY expensive formal hat!
  • Budget Friendly under $50



We purchased this set of STUVA drawers form IKEA.  It was free!!!  Well actually we had vouchers form the purchase of our “Great Wall of IKEA” (they had a earn $25 for every $100 spent deal) I liked them because they were sturdy, white and had a huge bottom drawer! 

On top of the drawers we repurposed one of “Seasonal Stations” to hold an A3 Art folder ($3 form The Reject Shop) the File it Folder and stationary.

The top drawer stores

Top Drawer; Homework Bag, Library Bag, Baby Books and Label Maker.

Second Drawer; Hat and Lunch Bag. (Lunch Bag upside down for Privacy)

Bottom Drawer; School Bag and Violin (School Bag upside down for Privacy!)

This “station” has been working beautifully.  Everything is stored in a place that is easy to find, but away from little eyes and hands (Little Miss A).  Everyone (The nanny, The Hubby, The Mummy and Master O) knows where everything goes and where everything is making the morning and afternoon routine easier for everyone.

The concealed storage means the house is not over run by school gear and it is discretely hidden away leaving the house clutter free.

One area down, one hundred to go!