It’s in the tin

I have a confession.  I have an addiction to tins. Well not just tins.  Tins, baskets, buckets well storage containers in general.  If I see it, think I can use it to store it, I have to have it!

Luckily for me these kinds of containers can be found at your cheapest of cheap stores.  The latest additions are these eggshell blue beauties.

These two not only look good but have provided me with anorganistaion solution to two problems I was struggling with.  

Problem 1. Teacher’s Notes – The Teacher Tin – Left

 Since going back to work this year, I have been cramming my teacher “things” in our family Organisation station.  But it was over crowded and the system of everything toegther was just not working. So the “Teacher Tin” has created a space for me to  store my Teacher planner, meeting notebook, usb sticks, pens etc.  

Problem 2. Handy Stuff. – “The Go To Tin.”  – Right

This started off as our winter station.  

Then summer came and it was a summer station, but then it somehow got stuffed with bits of everything and well everything was everywhere!   Our “Go To Tin” solved this problem by keeping everything in a more sturdy container.  This clever storage space holds, sanitizer, tissues, breath mints, sunscreen, insect repellent and wipes.  This is great if your children are ever cared for  by  a babysitter or “the nanny” in our case!  Whatever they need it is most probably in this tin!  We were using this little bowl but things kept falling over! This tin holds everything but the kitchen sink in a secure and safe spot away from little hands!  

We are also working on a “School Storage” place for the ever increasing mountain of school stuff!  Stay tuned!