Smile, Say….REINDEER!

Having a Christmas photo taken is a Christmas tradition in our house!  Every year I dress the kids up in their Christmas outfits and take a photo for a Christmas Card to be sent to the relatives and friends near and far!  Looking back at the last four years of Christmas Cards I cn’t believe how much they have grown and our life has changed!

Master O's First Christmas ~ Dressed as an elf!
Master O is almost two and that smile says it all ~ CHEEKY!
About to receive the best present of all ~ A new baby sister!
and then there were two!

Lucky for me their Christmas outfits from 2010 still fit!  So today I am going to TRY and get a 2011 photo!  There will be wriggling, fussing, bribing and begging but all in the name of  capturing a precious moment this Christmas!

Do you take a Christmas Photo?

My Little Drummer Boys

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