I choose today

There are Reindeer Crackles and angel wings to be made.  Christmas cards to be written, Santa photos taken, christmas presents bought, but today….

I choose today to breathe.  I need to, to survive.  To just take it slow. Well at least slower. To savour some extra time at Kindy instead of rushing off to accomplish my to do list.  The to do list will hapen every day, kindy days are numbered.

I choose today to read.  Outside.  In the breeze, under the mulberry tree with Little  Miss A.  Because the christmas cards to people I have not spoken to all year are not as important as having a limited moment with my girl without her brother interrupting.

I choose today to sit down to drink my coffee instead of taking it on the run with me.  I will savour every mouthful as I sit and watch them play outside.  I will leave the computer off and talk to those that I love “in real life”.

I am not sure why or how but I really need to have “a day” of less.  My mind will wander and I will begin to stress and plan and list but I choose today to really try to see and listen and be still.  I choose today to start stressing less and enjoying more.  To plan less and dream more.  Will it be easier said then done?