Come Fly With Me….The Party

The Birthday Boy with a very reluctant smile for the camera!

Well we are back from Planet Party!
Reality has hit us with its full force after a wonderful weekend with family and friends!
Presents, Cake, Candles, Laughter and lots of
Although Master O officially turned 4 on Friday in true Pigeon Pair style, we have spread the celebrations out over the weekend!
Sorry for the horrible photography but this Mummy was busy, busy, busy 
(well thats my excuse for my shocking camera skills!)

Ready to party with Little Miss A
I couldn’t help myself, I had to dress them in…
Red, White and Blue

Food is ready to fly!

Flying Fours – Shortbread

Lamington Pops 
(last minute decision with the left over Birthday Cake!)
Cups – Robert Gordon – Robins Kitchen
Toppers – Anders Ruff

Cups of Clouds – Popcorn

Parachuting Potatoes
Cups of Potato Chips (like Pringles)

Pilot Pop Tops
Berry Juice Pop Tops

Captain’s Cupcakes
Charterplane Cheesecakes
(mini white choc and berry cheescakes)
Jetplane Jelly
I still can’t believe I found blue jelly!
Wonder Water
Bottled water for those very sweaty boys!

Candy Bar 
Smarties, Freddo’s, Blue Lollipops, Marshmallows, Chocolates and

“Thanks for making my day so sweet
Please take a bag and fill with treats
Some Yummy smarties, the marshmallows are nice
and for the sticky fingers there’s some baby wipes!”
Also on the table was;
Qantas quiche- Mini Quiches
Propellor Pinwheels – Pastry Pizza Pinwheels
Sky High Salmon – Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese
Soaring Strawberries – Strawberries on fruit picks.
and of course the cake!
A runway number 4!
Master O with his cake
(after lots of running around with his plane!)
Party Favours
Wooden planes with waterpaint markers
We played pass the parcel.
Each child “won” a foam plane.
Master O’s Dad and Grand Dad’s helped the kids put the planes together for some backyard
plane competitions!
Master O with his plane
Collecting his plane after the race

 I found these little airplane puzzles as prizes for our games and the airplane race.
Check out the price on the packet! $1.99 for 4 puzzles!

Make a wish, my big four year old boy, 
but please don’t let it be,
 to grow up any quicker than you already are.