Time to turn 4!

“My Pigeon Pair” has been a bit quiet this week….

but for very good reason….
today Master O turns 4!!!  
This time 4 years ago I became a mummy!  

This big bundle of blue made his dramatic entrance to the world and changed our lives forever.  
I may be a teacher but it is my son who has taught me lifes most valuable lessons. 
1.  There is nothing that a hug can’t fix. This also applies to broken toys.  
2.  There is no use crying over spilt milk.  Even if the milk is on your freshly ironed outfit just as you are about to leave for work and came out of a baby’s mouth not out of a glass. Having a baby sure puts things in perspective and teaches you patience!
3.  Sleep is overrated and can come in many forms including, sleeping with a baby on your lap while you are sitting up on the couch, on the lounge room floor during toy story 3, snuggled between 3 year old and snoring husband.  All sleep is good sleep.

4.  Embarassment is an emotion of the past.  After way too many shopping centre tantrums, loud 3 year old over shares, sharing trips to the toilet and everything that comes along with giving birth, nothing is sacred.

5. Love is ALL things.  It is deep, overwhelming, limitless and only grows with each child.

I can no longer remember what life was like before kids and quite frankly I don’t want to.  
There is ALWAYS a snippet in time, however brief, in my day when they make me smile, laugh and sigh at their adorable antics.
This week Master O’s Kindy teacher told me that he is such a kind boy.  
Whenever someone is upset he is the first to comfort them with a cuddle if that doesn’t work he finds an appropriate toy and tries to distract them!  
The class clown, loves to dress up and has the children in hysterics.  
To him the world  is a giant obstacle course and all objects are made for tumbling over and jumping off.   
Mr sociable runs into Kindy each day and barely says goodbye yet when I pick him up in the afternoon he always runs to greet me and ask me how MY day was!  

I wonder if time will ever learn to pause for just long enough for me to savour these moments of littleness.  It seems with each birthday, the clock hand speeds up a little.  This year he will have his first birthday with “HIS” friends.  No more mummy’s friends kids or children from mothers group.  He has chosen this mix of boys (he calls them his guys!) to join him for this special occasion.  I am sure I will blink and we will be discussing no alcohol allowed at parties and what time he has to be home.  
But today I will take a moment to capture in my mind his every ounce of innocence.   
For today he is 4.  
This day will never be repeated.  
Tomorrow will just have to wait.

First Birthday….under the sea..More interested in eating the icing then the cake!

2nd Birthday, the last of the curly hair!

Poor Master O spent his 3rd Birthday in a full leg cast after breaking his leg at daycare!

Can’t wait to post more pics after the party on Friday, but for now I am logging off screen and logging in to life.