Tuesday Treasury – Bean Bags

So I have a confession to make.  
As a little girl I wasn’t always as sweet as sugar. 
 Occasionally (so maybe a bit more than that) I was “naughty”.  
There are stories of me biting my baby brother out of jealousy (I never was one to share the spotlight!) and having a few tantrums (actress in training!) Before the days of the “naughty corner” we had the “time out bean bag” for me it was shades of pink with Holly Hobby on it!  Bean bags are a great place for children to chill out, read a book or watch a movie and boy are they stylish!  Gone are the corduroy styles of my 80’s childhood and now there are beanbags to match all decor schemes blending seamlessly with your “grown up” furniture.


 What a great style for boys, especially teenagers!
This one matches the teepees at milkbottles! Would also make a great footstool!
I want this one for me!  Do you think I could get away with it?

A little birdy of course!


Cushions and beanbags, these look like cuddling perfection!

and just because barely a day goes by that I don’t dream of Pottery Barn Kids

Sleepless nights with Little Miss A at our place at the moment thanks to the dreaded stuffy nose!
I think I may need to curl up on Master O’s Bean bag for a mama nap!