I am grateful for….Baby Cino’s.

Today I am playing along

I am grateful for….Baby Cino’s

Coffee is my drug of choice.  Without my morning hit you do not want to attempt a conversation with me or even worse do not interrupt my first sip with a request to find your missing transformers leg.
It was inevitable that I would pass this habit down to Master O.  His first outing as a newborn was to the shops and naturally whilst there we stopped for a coffee.   I don’t think a week has passed since,  where we have not had at least one trip to a cafe.  Once he was of drinking age he progressed from watching the ritual to partaking in it.  Thankfully at most places his regular “baby cino” comes free with Mummy’s mug (this is an expensive habit!).
Now, Master O, has developed a ritual of his own.
 Step 1.  Place the marshmallows in the cup.
 Step 2. Spoon them out 

Step 3. Drink

Step 4. Be sure to get every last bit.

But this habit is more than just a drinking ritual.  It is “our” time.  For a moment he is all mine.  As I watch him stir, lick and spoon, suddenly conversations about stranger danger, not throwing sticks and monsters in the closet, are a world away.  With each sip reality fades into the background.  We are together. We are sharing something special.  Occasionally the slurping is broken with a giggle as he does his best to create a milk moustache.  I laugh at the way he somehow manages to get chocolate in between his eyebrows.   I love the excitement in his face as he watches the waitress pour sprinkles on the top.  The way he yells from the playground “Mummy, is my coffee here yet!”,and the disapproving stares this comment attracts.  (I assure there is no “real” coffee in it) For now he is young enough to enjoy this simple pleasure with his Mummy.  As the years pass, I am sure it will be the height of embarrassment to be seen having coffee with your mother.  But until then I will savour every sip and every moment of our coffee drinking ritual, together.