Come Fly With Me….Part Two – Real Parties From The WWW

This party planning, can sure be all consuming!  
You have to admire these clever mummy’s and their attention to detail!
Oh how I would love to have the time to create one of these stunning masterpieces!

What a gorgeous table!
Check out the cake!
Cupcake toppers and picture from

Same party, Love the Birthday bunting!
Love the colour scheme!

Love the goody bags!  They are made from recycled cereal boxes!  
The coordinated party logos really tie all the elemants together!

Delicious lollipop airplanes!  What a brilliant idea!

Polka Dot Prints
At last an Australian made Airplane Party
Love this colour palette!  Wish I had of found it earlier, so fresh and vibrant!

What beautiful fluffy clouds, they are tissue paper pom poms!
You can buy  tissue paper pom poms in all colours and sizes from

The queen of the desert table…the one and only Amy Atlas
How gorgeous are those cupcakes?
Love the two toned colour pallette and runway table setting!

Water bottle wraps and gorgeous themed cutlery
Nothing like making water more appealing to a group of 4 year old boys!

Divine red,white and blue paper drinking straws

Ok so it’s not airplanes, but oh how gorgeous!
Love the colours and the backdrop

What a great way to serve popcorn!

Off to work for me!  Still struggling to get used to the idea that Thursday is the first day of my working week!

Do you have any party tips you can share?