Kid You’ll Move Mountains

So how did the first day of school go?
Or is today the day?
Yesterday my big boy started Kindergarten!
He was literally jumping at the gate!
He ran in, put everything in its place and excitedly told everyone he had his own lunchbox! 
(clearly this is the most exciting part of going to Kindergarten!)

Tonight to celebrate I gave him a special book.
I love to give him books to mark momentous occasions!
I still have books given to be my mother with a note scrawled in the front about why I received the book!
The day I lost my first tooth, the chicken pox, winning an award.
I just love to look back and reminisce!

This one is not necessarily about starting school, but it is THE BEST BOOK for any special occasion in anyones life.  
I have been waiting for the right moment to give this to my Master O and yesterday was the day. 
 His first day at Kindergarten was a brilliant success!

You’re off to great places,
Today is your day
Your mountain is waiting
so…get on your way!”

This is just one of those books…every time I read it I cry!
So jam packed with advice for EVERY moment in your life!

He may only be close to 4 but I can already tell (like all Mothers) that this child,
(Or at least scale them in his true stunt man meets spiderman style!)