Fashion Finds Friday – Tilly & Otto

There is no denying I am a shopaholic.  My craving for the most gorgeous children’s products has devoured my bank account BUT on a positive note, 
my addiction has lead me to create “My Pigeon Pair”! 
 It is no secret that I am on the “I CAN NEVER FIND ANYTHING NICE CLOTHES FOR BOYS” Bandwagon.  I used to think I was imagining that most stores had 3/4 girls fashion and 1/4 boys.  But after many heated conversations with other frustrated Mums of boys, I have realised I am not imaging it…it is true!  Not only does there seem to be a huge inequality in the quantity of boys clothes but arrgghh the style!!!  Sorry but skulls and cross bones, macho/naughty slogans, cartoon/licensed characters have no place in Master O’s wardrobe.  So that leaves me with….well not much.   At least I am not alone…..
A mum to three sons Jordan, 10, Cooper, 5 and Sebastian, 1. Kavala Williams shared this struggle and did something about it…she created tilly & otto.  Named after members of Kavala’s  family, tilly and otto, create gorgeous statement “little man” shorts and layered skirts for “twirling girls.”  In order to keep their quality product fashion forward,  designs are hand-created from imported, designer fabrics and are exclusive in design and number.
No skulls and cross bones here.  Just modern, funky, fresh fabrics in classic designs.  I love the bright, modern fabric colours and the simple long legged cut without unnecessary detailing or bulky cargo pockets.  Naturally I also drooled over the Josie skirt and can just picture Little Miss A’s chuuby thighs poking out the bottom of them!  
Tilly and Otto also create gorgeous quilted play mats!

But this is really about, finally finding a designer that creates something for boys!!!  Throw on a pair of the statement “little man” shorts with a plain polo and there you have it…something for Mummy and the “little man”  Of course I asked Master O’s opinion and he chose…..

Yes he is obsessed with “dotty” clothes lately, remember his choice of hat?

Available through online stores such as or for even more personalised service, tilly and otto are available through high end markets “Mathildas” market, Ascot, “Mummy Tree” markets, Morningside and “Mammas” market, Buderim,  where you can meet the designer in person!

So how does this clever chic do it all….

“An average day in my life entails being a Mummy first and foremost.  Caring for (and often refereeing!) my three sons.  I try to rise before the children to scrape in a few hours work before the regular school runs, swimming lessons, playgroups and sports training…does not always work out, as somehow my baby is still in bed with us!  I am constantly searching for new, fabulous fabrics, so this involves cruising the net at all hours and meeting with reps for the various gorgeous fabric suppliers!  I meet with my team of seamstresses regularly to keep on top of what is being produced and to deliver new orders in person and I love speaking with my customers for feedback or just about up and coming fabric choices etc.  One of the most important jobs that I do for tilly & otto is marketing.  Continually thinking up new avenues and spreading the word about our products.  Running a business and being a Mum means you definitely don’t work normal hours (nights are my best working time..peace and quiet!)  But I love it and I find it so fulfilling.”

but wait there’s more…determined that you will love tilly and otto as much as I do we are going to have a
“My Pigeon Pair” and “tilly and otto” 

Thanks to Kavala we will be giving away

One pair of Tilly & Otto signature “little man” statement shorts, for boys with edge and
One “josie” layered skirt, for twirling girls. 
Winner will be notified as to fabric choices.

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